Lily Ludlow

 b. 1970, Los Angeles, CA 
 Lives and works in Portchester, NY 
 Solo Exhibitions: 

 2017     Lily Ludlow, CANADA, New York, NY
 2014     Pareidolia, CANADA, New York, NY
 2012     Lily Ludlow, Shane Cambell, Chicago, Illinois 
 2011     Ten for Aidas, CANADA, New York, NY 
 2009     Lily Ludlow, Rebecca Camhi Gallery, Athens, Greece 
 2008     Sowing Circle, CANADA, New York, NY 
 2007     Every Flinching Atom of Flesh Must Be Flayed, CANADA, New York, NY 
              Somnus (Fashion) Exhibitions: 
 2006     CSV, New York, NY 
 2004     CANADA, New York, NY 
 Group Exhibitions: 
2019     Canada b/w Drag City, Soccer Club Club, Chicago, IL
2017     To Speak of Trees, Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco, CA
2016     Make Painting Great Again, CANADA, NY
2015     Let’s Get Figurative, Nicelle Beauchene Gallery, New York, NY
             Calisthenics, Curated by Matt Paweski, Thomas Duncan Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2014     FREEZER BURN, Hauser & Wirth, New York, NY
              New Image Painting, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, IL
              De Re Gallery Grand Opening, De Re Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
 2008     Part Two: Easy Times, Leo Koenig Gallery, New York, NY 
 2007     The Wrong Store, New York, NY 
 2006     The Perfect Man Show, White Columns, New York, NY 
              Mid-Life Crisis Salander O’Reilly, New York, NY 
 2005     I Throw Herring To The Dog (Curator) CANADA New York, NY 
 2004     Yesteryear CANADA New York, NY 
              Indigestible Correctness Participant New York, NY 
 2003     Two-Person Show with Stephen Elwood CANADA New York, NY 

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