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Steven Warwick 
Nastie Band

Two performances on Friday, December 8 at 7 PM

Steven Warwick is an artist, musician and writer based in Berlin. His practice uses the construction of situations and language to make performance, installation, plays and films. Warwick will perform tracks from his last work Nadir an audio visual mixtape released on PAN via the delinear platform which fuses reflective poetics and diaristic snapshots with a sense of unease in a contemporary setting. He has also performed under the name Heatsick and is one half of cataloging space/writing project Elevator to Mezzanine with DeForrest Brown, Jr. Warwick has exhibited at SMK Copenhagen, the Modern Institute Glasgow, ICA London, Balice Hertling NYC, and his writing has appeared in Texte Zur Kunst, Spike and Urbanomic.

Nastie Band will play a newly commissioned quiet set. Nastie Band is an ex-convict, Christian rehabilitation halfway house band whose members formerly belonged to bands like Bun Babies, Petra, Push Up Palace, Pollution, Faith No More, Spider Baby, Body Work, Villians, ATWA choir, Cream Abdul Babar, Ball Knockers, Growing, Charred Remains, Imperial Teen, Bruce Haack, Endless Budgie, and Karp.