Canada on Paper

Brian Belott, Ben Berlow, Katherine Bernhardt, Katherine Bradford, Joe Bradley, Kari Cholnoky, Joe DeNardo, Daniel Hesidence, Marc Hundley, Xylor Jane, Elisabeth Kley, Sadie Laska, Stuart Lorimer, Lily Ludlow, Mary Manning, RJ Messineo, Tyson Reeder, Joan Snyder, Trevor Warren, Violet Webster, Annette Wehrhahn, Anke Weyer, Rachel Eulena Williams.

Canada on Paper features twenty-three artists whose work present a wide-open view of a program that is varied and full of unexpected commonalities. Conjuring the famous remark by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres that “drawing is the probity of art,” the exhibition offers an intimate and direct insight into the practices of these artists. This inward sense compounds when the works are seen together hung salon-style throughout the gallery. Washy and quick against slow and controlled, the chromatic and monochrome combinations offer an endlessly satisfying visual feast.