New Music

CANADA is delighted to present New Music, a solo exhibition by Marc Hundley in our 331 space. New Music includes printed works on paper, two hand-made benches, along with a ‘free shelf’ loaded with pamphlets and tickets. The installation feels like a space to advertise or promote, recalling the foyer of a performance space or town hall.Viewers are invited to linger, sit down, and even take souvenirs from the exhibition with them. Hundley's framed works on paper resemble band posters or enigmatic advertisements and build upon Hundley’s ongoing archive of printed matter. They recycle fragments of culture using the printed lyrics of The Smiths or court the melancholy in the words of Canadian folk singer Mary Margaret O’Hara, each work revealing the artist's multi-faceted and deeply romantic taste for music, poetry, literature and art.

In I’ve Got So Much Love To Give, Hundley presents a techno song sentiment radiating in the form of a hand-cut patterned snowflake. The delicate original is marked with its place of origin and date of distribution, uniting image and text as though to conjure up a particular memory or lived experience. This piece is presented in a stack of 1,000: a sacramental offering and an act of turning the private into the democratic. It is a material manifestation of Hundley’s ardent desire to care for individuals, and its message suggests a generous society founded on benevolence. Though Hundley’s practice is marked by the precise and mechanical hand of a printmaker, each poster is intended to be felt rather than intellectualized. 

Marc Hundley (b. 1971) has exhibited at Team Gallery, White Columns, Printed Matter, Inc., Cherry and Martin in Los Angeles, and Frieze Art Fair, London. His work has been reviewed in Artforum, New York Magazine, and New York Time Style Magazine, and is included in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Hundley lives and works in New York, NY.