Anthem of the Sun

group exhibition at CANADA 331
Organized by Pali Kashi

Anthem of the Sun is an exhibition that highlights the inventive visual language of fourteen artists. Spanning a spectrum of media and genre, the artworks presented are a free-association riff from one piece to the next. Each work loosely revolves around concepts of sunlight, reflection, translucence, and an experiential exploration of warmth and light. Alex Eagleton makes paintings using reflective roofing tar, suspending forms in a field of silvery glow. He depicts swim shorts as a recollection of summers spent in his Greek homeland. Kenny Zoran Curwood's sculpture is a stained glass mirage of a zero on its side. It resonates with Ben Dowell's tunnel of golden light sculpted by a thick application of oil paint. Aine Vonnegut's demon vacationer soaks up rays in a floating raft as Jerry the Marble Faun's yellow canine bust radiates with alabaster light. Annabeth Marks deconstructs a safety garment made of reflective orange nylon; it is a fiery painting next to Elizabeth Ferry's monument of colorful, dappled light. Pali Kashi's transparent painting drapes over a stretcher, allowing light to penetrate through its form. A sunny yellow squiggle of heat reactive mark-making by Maia Ruth Lee counteracts the cooling bright tones of Dan Hougland's found photo construct.

Philip H. Ashley embeds shiny metal orbs in printed plaster, an object which feels like it bounces off Rich Porter's assemblage of encaustic slathered wood. The translucent qualities of Andy Cahill's paintings share a cartoon-like aesthetic with Ian Cooper's free-standing, grey scale rainbow; made of fabric, it oozes out of a projector stand and presents a mere suggestion of sunlight. 

Philip H. Ashley

Andy Cahill

Ian Cooper

Kenneth Zoran Curwood

Ben Dowell

Alex Eagleton

Elizabeth Ferry

Jerry the Marble Faun

Dan Hougland

Pali Kashi
Maia Ruth Lee 

Rich Porter

Annabeth Marks

Aine Vonnegut