July 25 – August 22, 2014
Opening Reception: Friday July 25, 6-8pm

CANADA is pleased to announce Anthropocene, a group exhibition featuring Bram Bogart, Nicole Cherubini, Sarah Cromarty, Al Freeman, Alicia Gibson, Peter Harkawik, Chris Hood, Elisabeth Kley, Stuart Lorimer, Meghan Petras, Joyce Robins, Adrianne Rubenstein and Sally Saul.

“Toast was a pointless invention from the Dark Ages. Toast was an implement of torture that caused all those subjected to it to regurgitate in verbal form the sins and crimes of their past lives. Toast was a ritual item devoured by fetishists in the belief that it would enhance their kinetic and sexual powers. Toast cannot be explained by any rational means.

Toast is me.

I am toast.”

― Margaret Atwood, Oryx and Crake 

The Anthropocene Age started 3000 years ago with the fires and the animals. The picking and the eating. As humans turned the earth more habitable they left their impression on it, making it less real and more like where they came from. Drawing and mysticism, painting and color, pattern, decoration, sublimated messages, functionality redistributed as game. It turns out we were already living in a different era, like the Stone Age, but where icecaps are laced with chlorine, mountains have rivulets of Barbie, and the continents light up like fireflies at night.

For more information please contact Adrianne or Gracie at [email protected]

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