Sowing Circle

CANADA is proud to present: Sowing Circle a multi channel film by Allen Cordell and Lily Ludlow.


Rita Ackermann

Lizzie Bougatsos

Laurie Isabella

Eunice Kim

Chloe Sevigny

Agathe Snow

Sadie Laska

Marcella Mullins

Anke Weyer

For their fourth collaborative film project Lily Ludlow and Allen Cordell present Sowing Circle.  The installation consists of a three- channel projection that engages the viewer as both a voyeur and a participant at an impromptu meeting of nine women. One at a time they whisper to each other something vital; a secret we can't hear. The camera lingers as each is caught in a daydream- a slight pause from the moment happening, an elicitation of a memory. These visions are creases into the other sides of their lives which, while seemingly mundane (the sweeping of leaves, chopping an onion) are also potentially sublime.

Also on exhibit is Ms. Ludlow's new series of erotic paintings.

This exhibition is made possible, in part by Mangusta Collection. Mangusta is committed to furthering multi-channel video art.