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David Askevold


BFA, Kansas City Art Institute, San Francisco, CA, 1968
Brooklyn Museum School of Art (Max Beckman Painting Scholarship), 1964
University of Montana, 1963

Teaching Positions

1991-92, Nova Scotia College of Art Design, Halifax, NS
1985-87, NSCAD, Halifax, NS
1984-85, Minneapolis College of Art Design, Minneapolis, MN
1981-83, York University, Downsview, Ontario
1979-80, Art Center, College of Design, Pasadena, CA
1977-78, California Institute of Art, Valencia, CA
1976-78, University of California, Irving, CA
1968-74, NSCAD, Halifax, NS

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Shows

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Public Collections

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Canada
Art Center College of Design. Pasadena, CA
Art Metropole. Toronto, Canada
Canada Council Art Bank. Ottawa
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography. Ottawa
Confederation Centre Art Gallery and Museum. Charlottetown, P.E.I., Canada
Long Beach Museum of Art. Long Beach, CA
Museum of Contemporary Art. Los Angeles, CA
National Gallery of Canada. Ottawa
National Public Library. Ottawa
Van AbbeMuseum. Eindhoven, Holland
Vancouver Art Gallery. Vancouver, BC, Canada
Art Gallery of Windsor. Windsor, Ontario, Canada